Why Gmail tabs aren’t such bad news for email marketers

Recent research by Return Path has highlighted the importance of improving engagement with a target audience.

The more engaged they are, the more likely they’ll seek out your messages in the promotions tab, and read them.

You can read the full report here.

In essence, the report suggests that most Gmail users are choosing to seek out and read the marketing messages that are relevant to them.

But note the key phrase here – relevant to them!

So, here’s the burning question – how do you keep your audience engaged, interested and positively warm to your output?

Make 2014 the year that you sit down and plan your content strategy very carefully.

Feeding relevant, topical, interesting and insightful information will keep your audience with you for the journey. Be a source of what’s new in your industry, and keep your output regular to maintain a consistent level of contact

It takes time, don’t be fooled into thinking a few blogs and tweets here and there will suffice, and remember, don’t try to sell, simply share your inside knowledge, make your audience feel privileged, up to date and well informed as a result of reading your online communications.

And keep your email lists up to date.

A sustained campaign of email data acquisition is important. Treat your contact data like you would any other business asset – and invest in keeping it fresh and relevant.

So, it doesn’t matter if Gmail filter out your messages from the general inbox, your audience will seek your messages out anyway – so long as you follow these few simple rules.

And if you need help and ideas on how to keep your audience interested, then talk to us at EssentiaMail, it’s what we do.