When the cat’s away, the smart marketeers get to work

Are you looking forward to putting your feet up for the next couple of months, coasting your way towards the Autumn?

After all, everyone’s on holiday so there’s not much point in wasting marketing money and effort.

Not everyone has the same mindset – and those who think differently stand to gain from the relative inactivity of the competition. It’s a common misconception that it’s OK to take your foot off the gas when the sun is shining.

Goods are still bought, problems still need fixing, and contracts come up for renewal, all during July and August.

In our experience here at Essentiamail, we see no fall in interest and responses to our clients’ email marketing during the summer. In fact, some companies use this time specifically to address issues before the hectic Autumn/Christmas season is upon them.

None of us know exactly when our customers are ready to buy – that’s why the Essentiamail ethos is to maintain a steady and helpful presence in front of customers throughout the year. Isn’t it presumptuous to think they don’t buy in the summer?

Seasonal fluctuations include demand for different types of products and services. So take a look at your offering and explore how it can be packaged to appeal at this time of year. Summer brings with it plenty of opportunities, some more obvious than others.

Of course we’re here to help always, so if you’re stuck for ideas, get in touch and we’ll help you put together a campaign that’s perfect for summertime.

Whatever line of business you’re in, keeping ahead of the competition can generate the sales you want – in the summer months and beyond.