What if you couldn’t buy email marketing data any more?

There’s talk in the EU of banning companies from using bought lists of direct marketing contact details for marketing purposes.

Although this legislation is unlikely to come into play over the next couple of years, it’s worth considering what this would mean for your business.

Bought lists are often a rich source of new leads and customers. Many of our clients have secured new contracts through use of bought lists. However, with increasing complaints being made to the Information Commissioner’s Office here in the UK, and its European counterparts, there is pressure to ban the practice outright.

It’s best practice therefore to be prepared for the change well in advance.

But not just because the law is changing. A list of contacts that you have grown over time through other marketing and promotional activities will be more receptive to hearing from you than a completely cold list.

So there’s no better time than right now to work on your email data acquisition policy. After all, a list that you have grown and nurtured over time is one that will be more accurate and will provide you with more reliable results in the future.

So, what should a data acquisition strategy consist of?

Well, your prospects will only part with their precious personal contact information if they see a very good reason to do so.

So think about what you could give to them that they will value enough to let you have their details. This is where a good content marketing strategy is important – creating valuable, well researched content, giving your prospects the information they need, want and trust, will increase the probability of prospects signing up to hear from you again.

Remember too that you must seek consent before you use that data for further marketing purposes, and be quite clear about how those personal details will be used.

We recommend reading the publication entitled Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations – Direct Marketing, issued by the Information Commissioners Office. You can access it here.

Quality content

Webinars, questionnaires, white papers, videos, e-books, trade show presentations and seminars – they all present an opportunity to swap valuable information for personal details.

And in fact, they do more than that; they act a bit like a honey trap – helping you identify who exactly is in the market for your goods or services at any given time.

And with a rich bank of relevant content, you can feel confident to use networking events, competitions and promotional offers to capture personal details too – because you’ll have relevant, pertinent information to share with them.

For help in creating your own email data acquisition strategy, talk to us here at EssentiaMail, we’ll help you grow your lists of people in the market to buy from you right now; people with whom to stay in touch and have quality conversations.