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What does stock photography say about your business?

In this era of social interaction with customers, prospects, and the wider market, is there still a place for bland, formulaic websites packed with stock shot photography?

We think not!

You’ve probably seen lots of websites with images like these, but what value do they bring to the site, and what do shots like these really say about a company?

Where is the personality in a suited, bespectacled, good looking executive with a classic smile?

It’s old hat!

People buy from people and it’s the personality of your website that will win new business. 35% of people look at the meet the team page of a website – they want to know whom they are dealing with!

And if you’re in the B2B service industry ask yourself what purpose images have on your website – are they relevant at all or just pushing the important content down below the fold?

So, what should a website look like?

As far from banal and nebulous as it possibly can! And that means adding relevant content, information, latest news and research findings. It needs to inform and reassure so that the reader feels good, confident and happy to start a conversation with you.

We’re talking relevant landing pages, blogs, topical content, video testimonials and social media feeds – all adding together to create a multi-dimensional site, a competitive advantage, and a personality.

Remember it’s your customers who call the shots, they have the power to make their own buying choices, and if you don’t set out to meet their needs and more, you can bet there’s another company out there like yours that is.

So, has the stock photo reached the end of its product life cycle?

Probably not, because there’ll always be websites out there that set out their stall in the traditional way, and hope a customer may stop by sometime.

If that’s not you, then talk to us about your site. Our email campaigns drive traffic to websites every day and we know what works and what doesn’t when prospects land on a site.

If you want an honest opinion of your website, and how it could perform better for you, we’d be happy to have a chat,  just call.