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Email marketing – have you got it all wrong?

Writing an email is easy isn’t it? After all, they don’t have to be long, they’re quick to write, and we do it every day (emailing was recently announced as the most common internet activity in Britain*). So yes, in theory, it is easy to write an email. But writing a good marketing email is […]

I’m typing content

Knowing your market is the first golden rule of marketing communications. And creating content that’s right for a specific audience is just as important. This is something that is lost on so many marketers. Start by examining what it takes to make your customers want to buy from you. Think about what motivates them to part […]

Why inbound enquiries are the lifeblood of business

In today’s fast paced business environment, you can’t simply hope the phone will ring with an inbound enquiry. You need to be out there giving your prospects a reason to get in touch. How to achieve inbound enquiries. One thing we hear often from clients is that business used to be fairly easy to come […]