Grow your own email list

There’s no smarter way to make a success of your email campaigns than making a conscious effort to grow your own list of contacts.

Acquiring email data in your day to day course of doing business is the responsible approach to staying in contact with anyone that’s shown an interest.

And yet so many of us watch passively as website visitors arrive on our site, take a browse around and then depart without leaving a calling card. Or our face to face customers may stay around for a while, spend their money and leave without us knowing who they were.

Wouldn’t you want to know more about them so you can stay in touch?

We’re not giving them a reason to want to stay in touch, so they’re off with the blink of an eye to pay a visit elsewhere. And you’re none the wiser as to who they were or what they may be interested in.

Why grow your own list?

Well, there’s one very good reason – it’ll be your list, you’ll own it, and it will be pertinent to your business and your business alone.

It’ll be ripe with people who are naturally interested in what you do, and what you have to offer, a warm pool of people who will be receptive to your marketing messages.

You can talk to this group directly, and statistically, it will perform better than any other list, perhaps with the exception of your customer list.  See what a difference it makes to  the success of the goals you set – be it sales, click-throughs, increased shares of blogs etc.

How to grow your own list

There are lots of ways to acquire data:

  • Email submission forms on the website
  • Have downloadable white papers or other documents that can be accessed to anyone leaving their details
  • Run a competition, with a strong incentive
  • Leave a customer satisfaction card for completion if you meet customers face to face
  • Offer subscription to a newsletter
  • Use social media to promote interaction

These are just examples of how to acquire email data, and there are lots more ways. You must decide what works well for your business, depending on how and where you come into contact with your audience.

Data acquisition must of course be carried out responsibly. Your contacts need to agree to being contacted by your organisation, by ‘opting in’ to receiving further communications.

One of our clients has been increasing their list by over 200 people per month. They own a hotel, and have been incentivising staff to collect customers’ details.

It’s a process that has worked well for them, and we’re now emailing a growing list of warm contacts for them every month.

A little time invested is well worth it.

Coming soon – what should and shouldn’t say to your warm list