Click through – an email recipient that clicks a link in an email to a website, blog, white paper, fact sheet, video, or other digital asset.

Click-to-open rate – of the recipients that opened an email, the percentage of those that clicked a link in an email.

CRO – Conversion rate optimisation. A system for increasing the number of website visitors that convert into customers.

Data pool – email marketing data that has been segmented by a certain criteria, e.g. industry sector and company size; see ‘STP’.

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation; legislation reform affecting the way companies can hold marketing data and interact with potential customers – effective 25th May 2018.

Hard bounce – when an email is returned to the sender without being accepted by the recipient’s mail server.

Open rate – the percentage of unique recipients that opened an email.

PPC – stands for Pay Per Click; search engines display results that are paid for, as well as organic results – when someone clicks on a paid ad, the advertiser pays money to the search engine.

Remarketing – ads that are delivered to people that have previously visited your website, while they are browsing other websites that allow advertising.

SEO – stands for search engine optimisation; tactics used to ensure a webpage or website ranks highly in internet search engines.

Soft bounce – when an email is returned to the sender after it has been accepted by the recipient’s mail server.

STP – a method for planning an effective marketing strategy: ‘S’ stands for segment – segmenting a marketplace; ‘T’ stands for target – target your marketplace; ‘P’ stands for position – position the offering to the target marketplace

Unsubscribe – an email recipient who chooses to opt out of any future mailings; by law you must respect this, and take steps to ensure that person doesn’t receive any future communications.