Agency partnerships

Have your clients approached you about email marketing? Well, here’s a thought.

Working with Essentiamail – we’re email marketing specialists – provides the benefits of our knowledge and experience to your clients. It can help you shine.

By using clever copywriting techniques that encourage email recipients to click and engage with online assets, we help start conversations and even generate inbound enquiries! And that means your clients will have a good idea of who is interested in their proposition, so they can ask potential customers, ‘Can I help you?’. It puts them in the best position to convert the business they’d like from the emails.

We work with a number of agencies. We’re no threat to them – in fact we usually end up generating the agencies more work! So if you’ve a client who needs some assistance with email marketing, perhaps Essentiamail can help? Because after all, if we can help make your clients look even better, it’ll make you look great too!

This partnership could give your clients the best of both worlds. Why not give us a call on 0117 947 6090. We’d be pleased to have a chat and perhaps we can help deliver the results your clients are looking for.