If only I could get in front of more people, and have the opportunity to speak to them…I’m sure I could convert them.”

Creating opportunities for conversations that lead to work is what Essentiamail do. By sending people from emails we write to websites, interesting blogs and other online assets we put companies in front of the businesses they could work with.

Yet many companies miss out on opportunities by not engaging with the email recipients that have clicked links. It’s a bit like walking into a shop and nobody asking, “How can I help you?”

That’s why we’ve created our follow-up service. So that every visitor to our clients’ websites, their metaphorical ‘shops’, is engaged with.

Here’s a thought…

Approach a random selection of people in the street and ask the question, “Would you like to buy a camera?” chances are you’ll get a ‘no’.

Ask that question of people inside a camera shop, and you’ll more likely hear, “Yes, I’m interested in that.”

Now think about an email click through visitor reading a blog about legal services, translations, or corporation tax advice – or something your company provides. If you’re not asking them how you can help, you’re probably missing an opportunity.