Email marketing – to use a logo header or not?

Email marketing – logo header or not?

The basic principles of marketing talk about the importance of branding – strong brand identity is so important!

But things have changed, and marketing has become a highly targetable activity, with the advent of one to one, more personalised communication on a mass scale.

And email presents the perfect opportunity to talk directly to our carefully segmented audience, but we must think a little differently.

So, recently, we did a split test on behalf of a client. We took a strong consumer proposition, and presented it in an email with and without branding at the top.

Do you think it would make a difference? The results are in…

Total size of data pool: 8296 for each.

Clickthrough rates to the client’s website:
With logo at top of email: 135
Without logo at top of email: 244


You might ask, why such a difference?
You may be surprised that something as innocent as a logo at the top of an email can have such a detrimental effect on overall results.

But just think for a moment about how you react when you see an email coming in. If it has a logo at the top you know it’s likely you’re about to be sold to – and you’d probably be right. And how resistant would you feel towards the message?

You’d probably feel quite cold and little inclined to respond.

And this is demonstrated in the results we discuss here, because the message was entirely the same in each email, yet the response rates were significantly lower to the message with the logo at the top.

And, just a note about the messaging too, because with or without logo, your email mustn’t come across as if you’re trying to sell, or it will have the same negative effect.

The message needs to take you, the reader, through the classic marketing journey of attention, interest, desire and action – it’s about offering empathy, advice and helpful information.

The message must be written as if it’s just from you to one person. Make it personal so your recipients will receive it in the right way and feel special and warm towards you.

Imagine you were making a recommendation to a friend about a recent experience or a product you bought, you wouldn’t put a logo at the top – but your message would do all the selling for you, only in a soft and personal way. And the person you sent the email to is more likely to believe that the message is genuine.

It’s a method we use all the time here at EssentiaMail and it’s one that works. We’d be happy to explain it in more detail to you.

So, next time you want to create a classic marketing email, just think for a moment – would a short personal message do a better job?

Chances are it will.

More information and advice is always available at Essentiamail.