Email marketing – it’s not a one hit wonder!

Ever bought from an email when it’s arrived cold in your inbox?

Chances are you haven’t or if you have, it’s because someone has sent you an offer that’s simply too good to refuse.

But those offers are truly few and far between – so why do so many of us expect great results from a one off email campaign?

People just don’t make buying decisions like that – they need to consider all their options, do their research and spend some time thinking – spontaneous purchases online just don’t happen the same as at the supermarket checkout.

So, let’s pause for a moment and think about what helps us to make buying decisions – we need to be informed, feel warm towards the company we are buying from, and that they understand exactly what we need.

Now this is where email marketing comes into its own. Through ongoing communication, giving information over time, you’ll warm up those relationships that will turn into business, but only when your customers are ready to buy.

And as we don’t know when they’re ready to buy, that’s why we use email marketing to stay in touch – it’s an affordable, sustained method of just ‘being there’.

So, next time you think a quick email blast will net more sales in an instant, think again, it’s just not as simple as that.

Yes it will net sales, but like any marketing activity it’s the slow burn that reaps the results.

And one hit wonders do happen – but they’re the bonus, not the norm!

Posted by Julie Kenyon