Email marketing – have you got it all wrong?

Writing an email is easy isn’t it? After all, they don’t have to be long, they’re quick to write, and we do it every day (emailing was recently announced as the most common internet activity in Britain*).

So yes, in theory, it is easy to write an email.

But writing a good marketing email is much harder. And writing an email that sells is something else altogether.

In fact, the easiest part is in getting it wrong; badly-written, lazy, irritating sales emails will do more damage than they are worth – no one enjoys receiving pushy sales content from unidentified salespeople, harping on about a product you neither want nor need.

So, if you want to make sure your marketing emails stand out, get noticed, and most importantly get acted upon, your first priority should be to avoid these 6 common mistakes:

1) Too long, too tedious.

Good email marketing is all about grabbing your customer’s attention. Throw a lengthy page of prose someone’s way and you’ll have put them off in just a matter of seconds. Stick to the point, make every sentence relevant, and always finish your email with something intriguing so they want to find out more.

2) A forgettable subject line…

With any email, the subject line is everything; without a hook that stops the recipient in their tracks, your email will never get read, let alone acted upon. How many times have you deleted a message in your inbox without even opening it? Get your subject line right, and the rest of the marketing process becomes so much easier.

3) …or one that’s totally irrelevant.

While you’ll want to do everything you can to make your recipients want to open your email, don’t get lost going off subject. An obscure or vague subject line will confuse and lose interest, while a misleading or deceptive one will simply infuriate and antagonise. Don’t underestimate your reader – it’s the ultimate turn-off.

4) It’s all about you.

Who cares that you’ve won a load of awards, increased your revenue year on year, and opened up new premises nationwide? Your customers won’t. Unless, of course, that news is relevant to them. Engaging with your customer is key…and that means making sure everything you write relates back to them, not you.

5) No pain, no gain.

Touching on your customers’ pain is one of the most effective ways to catch their attention – without acknowledging what it is you can help them with, what benefits are you really offering? Identify your customers’ struggles, and how you can help remedy them. If you can’t find a good reason for them to buy from you, they won’t either.

6) Sign it from nobody.

No one likes an automated email. Make yours personal to your customer, use names where possible, and always encourage your readers to contact you directly if they can – remember, one interested direct conversation is more valuable than 100 disengaging automated messages.

Of course, there are many other ways that businesses can go wrong with their email campaigns – believe us, we’ve seen them! If writing isn’t your thing, or you simply don’t have the time, resources or know-how to ensure your marketing emails are effective, Essentiamail can help. Just get in touch, we’d welcome an opportunity to get to know you and your business a little better.