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Don’t shoot the messenger

Sales, sales, sales – everyone wants more sales! Yet the number of opportunities that so many companies let slip by is huge. And guess what, most continue to look for more sales, while missing what’s right in front of them.

Imagine the scenario – we’re sitting behind the counter in our high street shop. It’s in a good position on the high street with good foot-fall. Some customers come up to the window and they look in. How many? 40, perhaps more, 60 or 80 even. A few come inside – they spend a little time browsing what we have on offer. And then, as quickly as they arrive, they leave again.

And the others that just looked through the window, well, they walked away a long time ago.

And what did we do, the shopkeepers behind the counter?

Nothing at all.

Except of course, we paid for the marketing that got the 80 people there in the first place!

So, what went wrong?

Two things to think about:

1. Perhaps the shop window (read – your website) wasn’t very clear, the products and services not well priced, or their features not explained well enough?

2. Perhaps it might have been a good idea to ask the customers who came in to the shop if you could help them?

Now look at your online proposition – your website. It is, emphatically, your shop window. When people do visit and take the time to look around, what will you do? Let them slip through your fingers? Or will you ask them if you can help them? By the way, around 50 – 60% of your website traffic – your visitors – will spend less than 10 seconds on your home page before they jump ship because they don’t like what they see, or can’t find what they’re looking for.

We spend every day helping our clients get in front of the people they can do business with, via targeted, well-written email marketing campaigns. Good analytics and statistical data lets them know who is visiting their ‘shops’. And that means they can ask – ‘can I help you?’

So the chances of having the opportunity for a quality conversation – even making a sale – are dramatically increased. But that’s not all.

Look at how your online proposition stacks up against the competition. How effective are your sales processes? How do you nurture your prospects along the buying process? The ‘we sent you an email or a brochure a few weeks ago – do you remember?’ approach is seriously flawed, and needs an urgent rethink.

Get your ‘shop window’ absolutely right, define your value-add and why you’re really different, and get your sales processes in order, then your email marketing, and other marketing activity will start to yield results and sales will start to flow.

Otherwise? Go on, shoot the messenger!