Could email marketing be delivering sales for your business?

Let’s not beat about the bush; email marketing does not work for every business.

Email marketing, just like any other marketing channel, should be approached with care and intention and it needs to be a strategic decision. After all, if you’re going to invest in a marketing campaign you want to be sure that it has a good chance of providing a return for you!

Now, that might not necessarily manifest as quick and easy money in the pocket. It might be in the form of long-term conversations that nurture relationships and deliver sales over a period of time. It really depends on the type of industry you are in, the type of customer you want to engage with, and the type of product or service you are selling.

When done right, email marketing can deliver a very strong ROI as well as being a powerful way to nurture customer/client relationships, particularly if you have lots of competitors. If any of the below rings a bell for you, then the good news is that email could be a really solid marketing investment for your business and one that delivers a significant return on your investment.

Are you struggling to get in front of your customers?

85% of UK adults use email* and 99% of consumers use their email account every day** – that’s a lot of potential customers you can reach through the medium of email! Of course, just being able to reach those customers doesn’t automatically equate to sales. Your emails will need to work hard for you, and you’ll need to consider carefully the quality of email data you use in order to get the right message in front of the right customers. Even just a small proportion of targeted recipients can be enough to significantly increase your sales and develop new business opportunities.

It’s not just about looking for new business though; many of our email marketing clients come to us because they also want to use their campaigns to keep hold of their existing clients and focus on building relationships that last over time.

Do you provide high value services or products?

Email marketing can be particularly effective for businesses selling high value consultative services or products. We’re not talking brash HTML-designed sales emails full of images, logos and jazzy fonts here. Rather, if you are looking for opportunities to have quality conversations with prospective customers and strategic partners, then email marketing can be the ideal way to lay the foundations for high-value sales that don’t come about every day.

Remember, the emails you send shouldn’t be the beginning and end of the conversation. Each one should lead your recipient onto quality content that further engages and compels, be that in the form of whitepapers, blogs, website content or social media posts. This is where email marketing can really deliver; driving traffic to the rest of your content where you can convert high value leads into sales.

Are your customers other businesses?

Email marketing is one of the most popular types of marketing for B2B clients and it’s easy to see why. Clever, compelling emails lead to much better engagement, and with that comes high quality leads. Compared to other marketing channels it has an impressive ROI and it’s better for conversions too. Most significant of all, email is one of the most preferred forms of business communications.

A warning though – at the heart of any type of marketing is the customer, and this remains the same for email marketing. Your success when approaching B2B customers will depend on how well you focus on the things that matter to them. For B2B customers that is likely to be a good return on investment, opportunities for cost efficiencies or perhaps savings on resources. Always have the recipient of your email in mind when crafting your content and make sure it is relevant to them.

Do you provide a specialist service that isn’t run of the mill?

Because email marketing provides the perfect opportunity for meaningful conversations, it can be a really effective strategy for those businesses selling their specialist services. Every email you send should be offering up something to your prospects, and as an expert in your field your knowledge and words of wisdom could be the ideal way to catch your customers’ eye.

Compelling content is the key to all successful email marketing. Produce content that is pertinent and interesting while demonstrating expertise and you’ll build confidence and trust in your brand. Brand reputation and customer loyalty is something that can take years to build; email marketing can provide a much quicker, more effective route to delivering long-term prospects.


So, will it deliver for you? As one of the most popular forms of business communications, email marketing has huge potential, particularly if your customers are B2B or you are providing high-value services or products. Of course, success is never a given and like any type of marketing, brands can get it wrong – catastrophically so, sometimes! If you’re ambitious to grow your customer base and would like a bit more information as to whether email marketing might be right for your business, feel free to get in touch.