Copy for emails, copy for websites, copy for blogs…

Good copy sells.

It builds reassurance and ignites aspiration and desire. Good copy gets under the skin of the reader and recognises that emotion isn’t rational.

Whatever your product or service, wherever you’re seen, online, on your website or in a blog,  a brochure, or in the press, the rules are the same.

If you want the words that resonate with the reader and really make a difference, why not ask for a little help from Essentiamail?

From a headline and a compelling proposition on your home page to a whole website, brochure or direct mail letter, we’re here to push mediocrity to one side and write compelling words that help you sell your passion.

Copy that engages, entertains and persuades.

Now, ask yourself a question…

What do I need to put in front of a potential customer so they react by saying…?

“Yes, I want one of those…”