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How (and why) email marketing works

First things first – email marketing doesn’t work for everyone. It takes the right mix of content, target audience and approach to be able to generate interest in your product or service, and then turn that interest into sales. Miss out any one of these ingredients, and the chances are you won’t get the return […]

5 reasons why you should do email marketing

Love them or hate them, emails are still the most common internet activity in Britain today*. So while it may feel like you spend more time binning marketing emails than opening them, their potential reach is something that can’t be ignored. Get your emails to stand out in an inbox already bursting at the seams […]

Email marketing – have you got it all wrong?

Writing an email is easy isn’t it? After all, they don’t have to be long, they’re quick to write, and we do it every day (emailing was recently announced as the most common internet activity in Britain*). So yes, in theory, it is easy to write an email. But writing a good marketing email is […]