Are you grabbing onto the green shoots of recovery?

With so much talk in the media about growth in the economy, there’s lots of talk too about new opportunities for business.

So where are you on this tide of positivity and optimism? Still waiting to see the signs of recovery, or putting yourself out there to grab some new business?

There’s no doubt, that companies that put in the effort to market their business and court their prospects stand to gain more than those that don’t. And right now those rewards look like they’ll be greater than in the recent past.

So, this is not a time to be cautious, or you’ll simply be left behind.

Britain’s ad spend is set to soar to £20bn a year by 2015 and a third of that spend will be on mobile advertising. It’s a sign of burgeoning confidence in the economy.

And World Cup fever will no doubt have us drowned in messages from the big brands wherever we look.

But, let’s not worry too much about the big players; there’s plenty to be done here at home using digital media for personal, pertinent and timely messaging to talk directly to the people you want to do business with.

So, how about engaging in email marketing to reach out to your growing list of prospects?

According to a recent survey by Variant4, their Email Marketing Industry Census 2014 revealed that revenue from email has increased proportionately by 28% in one year.

And 68% of companies rated email as the best channel in terms of return on investment.

And the best way of achieving a healthy return on investment is to pitch your emails just right, and make them part of a broader overall marketing strategy.

Now is the time to strike out and grab your slice of the new business opportunities out there, why not talk to us about starting a campaign, we’ll help you with email content, and marketing advice to keep you centre stage in front of your customers.

We’ll advise on data acquisition too – so you talk to the people you really want to be in front of, and how to grow your own list of lovely warm contacts.

We’re happy to have a conversation – you never know where it may lead!