What we do

We’re outsourced email marketing experts

Essentiamail set out to create opportunities for businesses to have quality conversations with customers, prospects, influencers and strategic partners. We use email to encourage recipients to visit websites, read blogs, download whitepapers, and get in touch.

We’ll write all of the email content, segregate your data so that we target the different segments of your marketplace appropriately, and we’ll manage all of the broadcasting for you.

Our clients are a varied bunch, although in the main we work for B2B companies, offering a high-value service or consultative sale. We’re not limited by geography and work with businesses from Edinburgh to Exeter.

So, to get started with email marketing, whether you’re in Bristol, London or anywhere else, call us on 0117 947 6090, or send us an email.

Read on to find out more about what we do.


To win new business, you’ll need to be in front of the right people, with the right message. It’s where we excel.

You know your marketplace – there’s no doubt about that. We’ll work with you to understand who buys from you, and make your business as appealing to that market as possible.

Good email data is key to any email marketing campaign. And clearly the bigger the pond in which you fish, the more opportunities there are. Typically, we work with client data, as well as working with clients to source relevant data where appropriate.

We’ll keep in regular contact with you to understand themes and challenges that exist in your industry at the moment and how that can become relevant and interesting copy and material for emails.


What does your potential customer need to read so they say, “I’m interested in that…”.

Good copy sells.

It builds reassurance and ignites aspiration and desire. Good copy gets under the skin of the reader and recognises that emotion frequently isn’t rational. Whatever your product or service, wherever you’re seen, online, on your website or in a blog, a brochure, or in the press, the rules are the same.

If you want the words that resonate with the reader and really make a difference, why not ask for a little help from EssentiaCopy?

From a headline and a compelling proposition on your home page to a whole website, brochure or direct mail letter, we’re here to push mediocrity to one side and write compelling words that help you sell your passion.

Copy that engages, entertains and persuades. It’s what we do here at EssentiaCopy.


It’s where we shine, delivering emails to the right person at a sensible time – meaning you’ll have a better chance of winning the business you want.

For emails to be effective they need to be delivered, and there are a number of steps we take to ensure this happens, giving clients the best chance of getting in front of the right person and converting the business.

The emails we send are text only – they are not laden with pictures and logos. In a B2B setting pictures in emails indicate to the recipient that they are about to be sold to. They also make it much harder to get the email past firewalls and email security systems. We monitor delivery rates frequently to ensure that there are no issues with email delivery.


Knowledge is power: knowing who has looked at your business, means you can start a quality conversation.

After each broadcast we will send you a statistical report. This report includes a visual breakdown of the number of emails sent, the number of unique opens and clicks and the click-to-open rate. The report will also provide a visual comparison on the performance of the various data pools. This allows us to determine what is working, what needs to be tweaked and how to make improvements.

Alongside this, we will send through the specific details of who has opened emails and who has clicked links in the emails. Details will include email address, name, position, company and telephone number. This gives you the essential information to know who is looking at your email and clicking through to your website, so you know who is interested. It then provides you with the tools to call those people and see if you can help them.


Our marketing knowledge and experience at your disposal, so you can make the best decisions for your business.

We want our customers to have the best results possible, and can offer helpful insight into broader aspects of marketing, besides email. Websites are a key factor in the effectiveness of email marketing – if the website does not deliver a good experience for the user, then customers are unlikely to buy.

We also can advise what else is likely to complement the email marketing campaigns, for example any telemarketing campaigns or print material.