Email marketing – what a result!

If you’re an email marketing sceptic and wonder if email marketing can deliver sales and quality conversations to your organisation, we’ve got some views you might be interested in!

Here at Essentiamail, we have the advantage of seeing the results of our clients’ campaigns month after month, and we know the true picture, so we thought we’d share them with you.

What is a good result?

For some of our clients, a good result may be selling 200 office chairs, for others it’s about starting quality conversations and nurturing relationships, or perhaps enlisting delegates to sign up to a conference or webinar. The list goes on…

Ultimately though, it’s about sales – everyone wants more sales!

So, here are some success stories and how they were generated:

Web design company finds new clients

A web design client recently received 3 direct replies in response to an email on the subject of how to ensure your website is one of the most active and engaging tools in the marketing mix. They are now new customers.

Each month their emails talk about current design trends, contain tips for high performing websites, and keep readers up to date with news such as the recent changes by Google in favour of mobile friendly sites.

By sharing their knowledge and understanding of what makes good design, and the commercial reasons for investing in a good website, they have grown their list of ‘warm’ contacts – people who click links and show an interest in their content each month.

And warm contacts are more likely to convert into paying clients over time.

“This kind of response to an email is quite typical for us” says our client. “I have to ensure I’m free to take calls when the emails are broadcast, so that I can respond straight away to the interest generated”.

Leadership and development company grabs attention with thought-leading discussions

This client used thought-provoking subject lines to connect with learning and development directors. This email, entitled “Black, white or even a woman”, was about the subject of unconscious bias in the workplace, and was backed up with a thorough blog piece on the subject, which was linked to in the email, adding weight and credence to their message.

It generated a lot of interest. Results demonstrated a high ‘open rate’ (those who clicked and read the email) due in part to the provocative subject line. The client has since been invited to put forward proposals for high value contracts, proving that a well presented email does open doors. They are delighted with the results.

Recruitment specialist wins new business in a tough market

Saying you’re good and proving you are, are poles apart! We helped write compelling blog content that demonstrated our client’s expertise in a specialist sector. And coupled with good customer testament on their website, it was easier to assist in starting some quality conversations for them.

But that was not enough; we needed to write some edgy, compelling emails too, that touched on the pain of the potential customers. This long-term strategy delivered the results the client needed – more clients.

Marketing is never a single campaign, it takes a sustained approach to win new business.

Prototype manufacturer resurrects relationships with old customers

We created an email directly addressing old/lapsed customers for this client. They were invited to quote for some new models the same day the email was sent to this group. It proves that staying on the radar of old customers is just as valid as seeking new business.

If you’re not sure whether email marketing is right for your company, perhaps we could have a chat and share with you more stories like these, and some statistics to demonstrate the level of engagement our campaigns generate.

The success of any campaign relies on having good, solid content, both in the email and backed up with relevant, up to date information on your website. At Essentiamail we write content for all of our clients that is pertinent and compelling.

Then all you need is a good quality list of prospects to stay in contact with, and the results will start to come.

Feel free to talk to us to find out more.