About us

Essentiamail is an outsourced email marketing agency, specialising in B2B communications. We research, write and deliver compelling email content on behalf of our clients.

What do they get in return?

Opportunities to have more quality conversations, with the kinds of businesses they want to do business with.

We love what we do here at Essentiamail and we hope that perhaps we might be able to help you too.

Meet the team


Nick Sladek
Managing Director

Nick’s our marketing guru – he has over 30 years’ experience in the business so he’s bound to know a thing or two. So before he tells you ‘its not about you, it’s about your customer’, you might also like to know he’s great at helping you get noticed. Neither a follower nor a yes man, he’ll tell you what you need to do in plain English – and most of the time he’s right!

Jemma Pike

Jemma Pike
Account Director

Jemma takes care of the needs of all of our clients from start to finish on all campaigns. Generating marketing plans, coming up with ideas that will inspire and ensuring broadcasts go out smoothly and efficiently. She analyses the email stats and advises clients on how to get the best results out of email marketing and will add impetus and creativity to ongoing marketing strategies. She thrives in being able to give excellent customer service, and will go above and beyond.


Julie Hartell

Julie looks after everything marketing for Essentiamail. Funnily enough, we use email marketing to help us win new business and we like how it works! We use the same principle for our own marketing that we employ for our clients. You might even hear from Julie one day too!

Laura Summerhayes

Laura Summerhayes

Laura is one of our experienced copywriters, with over four yeas of writing marketing copy, she knows a thing or two about writing persuasive content, whether that’s for emails, blogs or websites. And with a degree in English Literature and History she has a strong understanding of how words work…pretty handy in this industry!


Izzi Tippetts

Izzi is one of our talented copywriters, she writes content that gets a response – whether it’s a well-crafted marketing email or an informative blog. Izzi’s background is in film and television so she’s used to thinking creatively and is highly adaptable. Izzi writes copy for a range of our clients from financial advisors to blue collar industries, there’s no challenge too big or small!


Chris Pink
Technical Manager

Chris is the engine room in the technical department. He ensures our systems run smoothly, and generates HTML content and the email footers we produce for each client. He troubleshoots any problems that arise, and embraces new technology to deliver improvements to our systems.

Cindy tennisball250x250


Office dogs body. Cindy will meet you in reception with all the enthusiasm of a lottery winner collecting her prize! She loves meeting people, and takes each member of our team out for a walk every day – it’s part of our health and safety policy! Cindy is also in charge of ‘the yellow ball’.